Results are based on Referee Reports. Any error, discrepancy, comments or complaints about your game or stats, please kindly send an email to [email protected] or call our office at (786) 380-0550. All your emails or phone calls will be responded and taken seriously. Please keep in mind that we use your feedback helps us get better every day. 

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In case game points are the same, this process will be followed:

1- Highest Won.  2- Highest GD.  3-Highest GF.  4- Lowest GA.

Postponed Games

3rd Game

South Heat Vs Inter USA

5th Game

Atletico Caribe F.C. Vs Apaches F.C.

Top Scorers and Best Goalies are re-balanced after the last game.

The goals in this table are placed according to Referee Reports. After your game, it is the responsibility of the coach to make sure that the roster is properly filled our by the Referee and that all Goals are valid.

Suspended Players

Disciplinary Sanctions are applied based on Referee Reports and our Code of Sanctions found in our rules. Any player who receives two (2) Red Cards during one season will have a duplicate sanction. Any player who receives three (3) Red Cards for serious reasons during one season will be expelled from the League.

SR = Second Round

*Torneo pasado.

 Referee Report
 Disciplinary Sanction
 Manuel Londoño
 ADF Airways F.C.
Muttual Agression
 6th,7th game and $20
Marco Casanova
 South Heat F.C.
 Muttual Agression
 6th,7th game and $20
 Juan Yumar
 Atletico Venezuela
 Verbal aggression to a referee
 6th,7th,8th game and $30
Bryan Figueroa 
 Lanus Miami
 Attempted aggression to a player
 6th,7th,8th game and $30
 Willie Lozano
 Lanus Miami
attempting to assault a referee
 Suspension for 10 games and $100
 Rony Grajales
Lanus Miami 
Attempted aggression to a player
 2nd,3rd,4th game and $30
 Casula Lautaro
 Real Ballenas F.C.
 Muttual Agresion
Playoffs, Next game and $20
 Alex Viaud
 Broward F.C.
Muttual Agression
4th,5th game SR and $20

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