Turning South Florida into one big soccer community.


"To make South Florida turn into one big soccer community by organizing competitive amateur Leagues and Tournaments for people all ages and by providing services related to the sport."


"A community where everyone belongs, plays soccer, competes and show what they are capable of"

"We see soccer in South Florida as the door to infinite possibilities for our company and our teams, a sport where the sky is the limit"

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South Florida Leagues, LLC believes in creating a strong community among our players. We believe in soccer as a sport that promotes inclusion and prevents bulling. We value the diversity of South Florida and embrace all people of all races and backgrounds. We ask all our players to respect all other people. Our Directors, Managers, Referees and League Officials will always work for the well-being of all our stakeholders.

We use our Leagues and events as a platform that allows South Florida to enjoy a healthy competition. Trough the years, our Premier Soccer League has allowed players to improve their team work Coaches to improve their leadership skills and our staff and referees to get better in what they do. We are an equal opportunity company.

To gain more information and updates about everything we do follow us and like us on Facebook and Instagram as South Florida Leagues.

Call us at 786-380-0550 to find out more.

Soccer League Organization

We organize our own Leagues throughout South Florida and help League and Facility owners grow trough our consulting and administrative services.

Referee Assigners

We assign quality referees for our leagues and for external leagues and special events. We offer well trained federated and non-federated referees. 

Tournament Organization

We organize fast tournaments and help you ensure your event is a success. We help National and Local Cups with their administrative and planing needs.

Serving Our Soccer Teams

Aguablanca F.C.

Agustinianos F.C.

Apaches F.C.

Atletico Nacional USA

Barcelona F.C.

Bayer Munich F.C.

Broward F.C.

BVB Miami

Cataluna F.C.

Chapecoense F.C.

Chile United F.C.

Comitiva F.C.

Dade F.C.

Deportivo Guanda F.C.

Deportivo Guaro

Deportivo Malacateco F.C.

Doral DZ

Dortmund F.C.

Estudiantes del Guayas

Fortuna S.C.

Futbol Club 07 F.C.

Galacticos F.C.

Galaxy F.C.

Guatemala USA

Hebraica F.C.

Hollywood Stars F.C.

Honduras USA

IDC International

Inter USA

Internacional F.C.

Juticalpa F.C.

La Cantera

La H F.C.

La Nueva San Salvador

La Squadra

La Union USA

Las Lomas F.C.

Leu Blacks F.C.

Los Futboleros F.C.

MBP United F.C.

Miami City F.C.

Miami F.C.

Miami Storm F.C.

Miami Sun

Miami United Sub 23 B

Millonarios Florida F.C.

Naranja F.C.

North Miami F.C.

North Miami Peru F.C.

Peru USA

Pickle F.C.


PSG Miami

Real F.C.

Real ICCO F.C.

Real Madrid F.C.

Red Devils F.C.

Racing Soccer Club

Real Miami F.C.

Real Miami S.C.

Red Force Reserve F.C.

Red Fury F.C.

Rosario Central

Santa Barbara F.C.

Seleccion Chile

Shenandoah F.C.

Soccer Locker F.C.

Stem Cell Miami

Strikers F.C.

Tigres F.C.

Tinteral 503 F.C.

Trans-Envios F.C.

UD Iberica

Universidad San Carlos F.C.

US1 Boys F.C.

Yacare F.C.

Meet our President and Executive Manager

South Florida Leagues, LLC

Wilson Tabares

Wilson Tabares has been a part of the Soccer community for the last 27 years. Well known in Miami for his flagship South Florida Premier Soccer League. As President, his main goal is to provide a platform where South Florida could play amateur soccer competitively every week. He wants to expand the company to other markets and countries.

Valentin Valbuena

Executive Manager
Valentin Valbuena has been in Consulting for the last 5 years. After years of experience in Management and Banking, he took the role of Executive Manager. It is his goal to ensure sustainable growth and to expand the leagues to other soccer fields in South Florida. He is passionate about our future non-for-profit and has served as volunteer for many organizations.

Future Plans

South Florida Leagues, LLC is planning to grow its team number by serving new soccer facilities and by expanding its market area to Colombia and other areas of South Florida. The company plans to launch an effective marketing plan that will give us momentum which will allow us to gain more sponsors for our teams. We believe this will bring costs down for our teams. By bringing costs down for our teams, we will be able to capture quality teams and keep them engaged. We plan to serve 125 teams by Q4 2017.

We will start organizing one and two days tournaments by Q4, 2017. This will allow us to create excitement which will make us gain and filter teams who can later on join our leagues for 2018. We want to serve other demographics by launching a Youth Soccer Academy program and Over-30 leagues by Q2 2018. 

By Q4 2017 we plan to officially launch our “Soccer for Diversity" non-for-profit organization which will be focused on promoting Diversity. We value soccer as an organized sport that brings inclusion to the community of South Florida. We will work with organizations focused on Diversity as well as Anti-Bullying Programs in Schools and in the Workplace.

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